Thats A Wrap With Damon Dash

Dash Diabetes Network is a lifestyle network series targeted to a diverse audience of diabetics and non-diabetics alike. The community consists of musicians, filmmakers, actors, entrepreneurs, holistic doctors, and everyday people to educate and share experiences they’ve had with diabetes. For so long talk of the disease has stayed within the sterile medical community making it an unappealing topic to publically discuss. We want to introduce a new narrative to the discussion.

It's been an awesome opportunity to learn more about this disease to create content alongside Damon that will truly help millions of people around the World. I'm looking forward the series launch and seeing the publics response.

Oprah Weight Watchers TV Ad Campaign

I was finally able to track down a copy of the TV commercial we shot with Oprah for Weight Watchers. The ever talented Director of Photography, Oliver Bukowsky did a fantastic job of capturing some genuinley fun moments and the piece cut together great.

Here's another from a previous shoot.

ESPN Primetime Special

For the past three months, I've been working with ESPN to shoot an Outside The Lines Primetime Special. For this particular sequence, we shot in the mountains at Mountain High Ski resort and boy was that a beautiful view! Keep your eyes peeled for its release on TV.

Clorox TV Commercial

I had the pleasure of directing a Clorox TV commercial with a fantastic production team. My five cast members had incredible on-set chemistry and the dialogue was great! It's always fun blocking out scenes with talented actors and creating great scene work. 

Totally The Best Crew

Working with a solid crew makes the days run so smoothly. The AD is smiling because we're on time, the client loves the process because the AD isn't screaming, and we get great performances on set because we have happy talent!

Margo Music Video

Click below to watch 'Margo'. I really enjoyed directing this music video and collaborating with the amazingly talented Haroula Rose. A big special thanks to the star of the show Amber Grace Collins-Ives who is seriously awesome to work with. Lastly, thank you to my talented teammates Brian Michael Henderson, Matt Stemmley, Brent Madison, and Alex Splice Jones.

Margo, Music Video

Shooting in far-off desert country can be challenging when temperatures rise past 110*F. We had a great experience making this music video. Much thanks to a fantastic crew and the incredibly talented Amber Grace Collins. Keep your eyes peeled for this awesome music video release!

Tech Interviews

We had a two week shoot, criss-crossing the country to film Tech industry leaders for an upcoming documentary. It was a pleasure having the opportunity to meet the fine entrepreneurial men and women taking technology to the next level.

Music Video Shenanigans

It's so much fun to see the shot you've been honing in on all day after adjustments in blocking and various tweaks. Music videos are a ton of fun and usually, as long as it serves the story, they give you the creative freedom to pretty much do whatever is fun. This shot was taken right after achieving the take we had been working on all day.