Special Camera Rigs Make For Special Images

I had a great time collaborating with Brian Michael Henderson, my DP on our most recent commercial project. Our mission was to capture lots of real, visceral moments with our talent and a few shots required some creative solutions to overcome the size of a heavy camera. It was fun to see the team build these two rigs to get the camera right in the action!


Stand-in Time!

Sure we could have asked a PA to stand in but that defeats the strategy of fully understanding the comfort of this prop mattress!!! On set for the short, 'Molly' shot in Los Angeles.


Circus TV Commercial

We had a great week in Frisco, TX filming a TV commercial for Circus Nation. My highlight was having the opportunity to have the arena to ourselves to film the Tiger-cage act. The footage looks incredible and we were able to get the trainer to use our Helix stabilizer to get up close shots of the Tigers swiping their paws at the lens. The footage looks insane! Keep your eyes peeled for the product once its completed!

2 copy.jpg

Working With Microsoft

I had the pleasure of working with some of Microsoft's executives and developers at their headquarters based in Seattle, Washington. Highlights include printing out 3D models with 3D printers, working with former Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis, and having a pizza party with developers as they explain the future of 3D printing and how we will be able to print out custom medications for patients.

Ford Escape TV Commercial

Even though rain unexpectadly came early in the morning, we had a great time shooting this Ford Escape commercial in Los Angeles. Thanks to the rain clouds, we were able to capture an incredible sunset shot! We appreciate your majestic glory Mother Nature; Cheers!

Trying Out New Gear

It's important for me to know what tools of the trade are available and how they function so that I can properly understand their abilities to ultimatly implement them on set. I had a day to try this Letus Helix on a Steadicam and I was impressed. After some adjustments, the brushless gimbal performed flawlessly. I was impressed with its ability to hold the camera at a level horizon throughout each shot I performed even in certain shots when my operating was a bit off.

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 8.31.08 AM.png

Portfolio Photography

All this directing makes a man want to pick up a camera again. I did a headshot session with Kyle Waters Gellar to dust off some of the old cobwebs and play again. We had a great day and I'm happy with the GQ shot we pulled off on a rooftop of Los Feliz, CA.