Music Videos are easy to make.

Music videos are easy to make... right?

I have selected these two awesome videos to compare against one another.  One looks like it cost some serious cash to make while the other looks pretty basic...

...but here's the question... Was the expensive looking Gesaffelstein - Pursuit video harder to make than the Arcade Fire's Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) remix video? Did they cost the same to create? Watch and decide!


The truth is that there was a lot of planning and money that went into the execution of creating both of these videos. A simple idea like the Arcade Fire music video isn't necessarily as simple as it sounds. 

Here's why: The actual Arcade Fire music video is ALSO an interactive art piece!

The interactive dance feature is outrageously cool and worth checking out! You go to the below link and the video interacts with your dancing via your web camera. Its pretty awesome!

It is possible that the Gesaffelstein - Pursuit video STILL was more costly to make but I'd bet you that the preparation to create these pieces both took a great deal of time. Time is money!